AmericInn - Peoria, IL Fire Alarm Retrofit



AmericInn Hotel was in need of an upgrade on their existing zoned fire alarm system in order to more efficiently monitor alarms and improve safety. The SEICO Security team replaced the existing zoned fire alarm system with an addressable system. The project required a full retrofit that included a new control system, replacing all the existing wiring to accommodate the new addressable configuration. This included adding addressable modules to monitor the existing sprinkler system, and addressable relays to facilitate proper elevator recall functions.
   The new fire alarm system will alert if triggered and report the exact location of the device that was activated. This will allow quick attention to any distress or maintenance problems.
One of the important things to the customer was the ability to maintain fire protection at the highest level possible for guest safety during the system conversion. Whatever portion of the system is impaired requires a fire watch while that portion of the building is not working. As you can imagine, this creates a challenge when replacing the control equipment and re-using the same wire.


   Step One of our solution was to attack the installation in a phased approach. Step one was to remove and replace the control panel as quickly as possible. This would minimizing fire watch time, as it can be a considerable expense for the customer and a high risk to the guests.
   Step two was to install and program temporary modules to allow the existing zones to report to the panel the way that they did to the old panel.  At this point, there is no need for a fire watch.
Step three was to start each day attacking a zone of initiating devices, replacing them with the new addressable devices. Once replaced, the panel would need to be programmed with the identity of the new devices for the system to properly activate in the event of an alarm. This approach maximized the safety of the guests, and minimized expense to the customer. As each zone came online, the temporary module was removed and programmed out of the system.

New Fire Panel Challenge
   The fire panel for AmericInn is located in
a public area of the hotel, so it was important to have the panel aesthetically pleasing. The new Vigilant fire panel was a bit more streamline than the existing one presenting a bit of a size challenge.

fire panel retrofitSEICO Solution
The Seico team fabricated and fitted a stainless flange around the panel to resolve the discrepancy in panel size from old to new, giving the area a nice high tech feel.