Bank Security Systems: Digital Surveillance, Access Control, ATM Security, Bank Vaults & Safes

Since 1972, SEICO has been providing banking security products and equipment for financial institutions. But what separates us from other sources of bank security systems is our ability to engineer and design security and surveillance systems to precise specifications and funding restraints.

At SEICO, every security system we provide is custom designed and engineered to meet your bank's individual security, communication, and equipment needs. Regardless of the size of your financial institution, our sales, engineering and project management staff can help you find the banking security products you need, and at a reasonable price.

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Whether you're seeking new banking equipment like bank vaults for a complete security overhaul, or looking for used bank security products for more cost-efficient advancements, here at SEICO our experts can help.

Bank Security Products & System Equipment

bank surveillance security systemSEICO is your complete source for all your bank security products. Whether it’s a drive-up system, vault door, audio system, digital video system, burglary/temperature/fire alarm or just alarm monitoring, we have the right product to meet your needs, at an affordable price. From drilling safe deposit locks to installing modular vaults, no job is too small or too large for us to handle. Learn more about some of the bank security products and system equipment from SEICO.

ATM Security Systems for Banks

We secure ATMs with intrusion and hold-up systems to protect the carriers and your ATM assets. Additionally, we provide digital video security systems for banks in order to effectively provide a prosecutable record of all transactions.

bank vault security system product

Bank Safes & Vaults

SEICO specializes in bank safes and vaults for sale, ranging from custom or standard UL rated safes and teller receivers (mule). Full interiors available including cash lockers, teller drawer storage and night depositories. Custom colors are available at no extra charge.

For your new facility, a modular pre-formed Hamilton bank vault saves money in installation costs and is UL rated. SEICO can provide safe deposit boxes and lockers, in any configuration, for your vault, customizing each vault to maximize space. We also provide Schwab record vault doors and file cabinets, UL fire-rated, to protect your valuable records.

License Plate Camera

license plate-drive-up security cameraNew, license plate camera capture systems for drive-up transactions are a great addition to all types of bank security systems. Drive-up license plate cameras offer another dimension in added security for banks ranging from credit unions to large financial institutions.

Data Capture With Video

Now you can rapidly link video with transaction details in order to diminish fraud, address claims, comply with banking regulations, and deliver outstanding customer service. Security and operational challenges for financial industries grow as technology rapidly changes. 

bank data security system capture


SEICO understands the significant challenges you face in the growth of identity theft, expanding compliance requirements, and the ubiquity of geographically-distributed systems, such as ATMs in banking and register platforms in retail.

Ask SEICO bank security specialist about video and data integration. A data Interface enables you to mine bank security system data and link it with related event video images. These events are important for use in security investigations and other operational applications.

Night Depositories

Walk-up or drive-up Hamilton depositories are mechanical, not electric, so service is virtually eliminated.

bank depositories security for night

Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

bank cabinetry security productsEvery lock manufacturer is represented in our product line of bank security supplies. We also drill locks without destroying the door, and put a new lock in its place, leaving your box ready to rent again immediately.

Undercounter Cabinetry

FENCO and KORDEN are our favorites when it comes to durable, well-made teller line undercounter cabinetry. Accuride® glides are utilized, which have a lifetime warranty. As the essential products for bank security systems, we offer a wide range of cabinet colors are available, or we can match your own custom color scheme.

Audio/Video Systems

Drive-up and walk-up audio systems are in stock, as well as all the parts needed to make repairs to your system or specific bank security products. From modern, lightweight wireless headsets to multi-lane audio and video control systems, we ensure the clearest possible voice and visual communications with customers.

bank AV security systems for drive-up

Custom Bank Security Solutions from SEICO

bank security systemsAt SEICO, we provide a versatile offering of bank security systems, such as ATM security systems, monitors and cameras, as well as digital-IP surveillance software for electronic transactions. As a highly experienced bank security system company based in Peoria, Illinois, we help companies all throughout Illinois find the ideal security systems and bank equipment to best protect their assets.

Advanced Bank Security Systems

Bank security systems can address a wide range of needs for financial institutions. From providing physical protection of assets and employees to electronic protection of digital data and information, security systems for banks serve a number of purposes.

In addition to custom-designed bank security systems, SEICO provides a wide range of bank security equipment, including vaults, safes, safe deposit boxes, and night depositories.

Our team of bank security specialists is equipped with the products and design expertise to provide a number of bank security solutions. From installing ATM security systems for credit unions to integrating extensive security systems for bank systems and networks, our professionals are experienced experts in bank security.

ATM Security & Surveillance Systems for Banks

As part of our security services for banks, we offer specialized security systems for ATMs. These systems may include CCTV-Video ATM security cameras to monitor and record activity as well as security alarm systems to signal authorities in the instance of a threat. With SEICO, you get custom-tailored ATM security systems that reflect the unique nature of your situation.

You Trusted Source for Bank Security Systems Based in Peoria, Illinois

The bank security solutions our company offers covers many applications and functions for financial institutions. We also specialize in drive-up systems, including bank teller equipment and audio/visual technology, as well as access control systems and bank vaults.

We can design security systems for local Peoria, Illinois banks that offer an array of features, such as metal detection, motion sensors, and door locking controls with warning alerts to better prevent robberies.


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