Business Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

One Source.. Fire Alarm System Company

At SEICO, we specialize in commercial fire alarm systems for small businesses and large commercial complexes. Our team of experts provides design, installation, and services for business fire alarm systems. We provide stand-alone fire alarm systems as well as integrated commercial fire alarm systems that work seamlessly with intrusion and access control systems. As a leading commercial fire alarm company in Peoria, IL, we help business owners throughout central Illinois pinpoint the right systems to best protect their assets.

Business Fire Alarm System Integration

A business fire alarm system can be integrated with the security system of the premises to offer greater protection from both intrusions and fires. Integrated commercial alarm systems monitor windows, doors, and other areas through the building in case of break-ins, and many systems come equipped with monitor services to contact authorities in the case of a fire or intrusion. Although these integrated fire alarm systems for businesses can cost more, they are typically more cost-efficient for organizations that require fire protection as well as commercial security and surveillance.

Components of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors are almost always required for any commercial fire alarm system. The challenge is pinpointing how many smoke detectors will be needed and there placement throughout the company. At SEICO, our Peoria, IL commercial fire alarm company offers the experience and expertise you can rely on to ensure proper design and installation of your smoke detectors.

Heat Detectors: Heat detectors, which trigger an alarm based on heat as opposed to smoke, are designed for areas of businesses in which smoke detectors would not function well. Heat detectors are not as prompt as smoke detectors in alerting a fire, however they provide a stable solution for most commercial fire alarm systems.

At SEICO, we also provide fire alarm inspections for commercial fire alarms, including smoke detector cleaning, battery replacement, and service for repairs. Learn more about our fire alarm inspection services.