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Home Fire Alarm Systems

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At SEICO, we specialize in home fire alarm systems for homeowners and residential communities. Our experts provide design, installation, and services for residential fire alarm systems. We provide stand-alone fire alarm systems as well as integrated home fire alarm systems that work seamlessly with intrusion and access control for exceptional ease of operation. As a highly experienced home fire alarm company in Peoria, IL, we help homeowners throughout central Illinois find the best solutions to protect their assets.

Home Fire Alarm System Integration

A home fire alarm system is often integrated with the security system of the home to offer both protection from burglars and fires. These types of alarm systems monitor windows, doors, and other areas through the home incase of break-ins, and many systems provide services of contacting authorities in the instance of a fire or intrusion. Although these integrated home fire alarm systems can cost more, they can end up being more cost-efficient for residential homeowners who demand fire protection as well as security and surveillance.

Advantages of Residential Fire Alarm Systems

The major benefits of residential fire alarm systems is the increased reliability and protection in the instance of a fire. However some home fire alarm systems offer greater protection and timely response in the instance of a fire. Select providers may offer remote monitoring services for the systems they install. This can be very important in cases when individuals in the home are unable to escape the premises without help. For instance, elderly or impaired individuals might rely on the remote monitoring services to contact help, and assist them in escaping the home in case of a fire.

At SEICO, our fire alarm company provides all of these advantages for Peoria and Illinois clients. We have reputation for expertise in fire alarm systems, and offer a number of services, such as fire alarm inspections.

Home Fire Alarm Inspections

Here at SEICO, we also provide inspections for residential fire alarms, including smoke detector cleaning, battery replacement, and service for repairs. Lear more about our fire alarm inspection services.