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As a leading Peoria security systems company, SEICO provides a wide variety of security and surveillance system solutions all over Peoria and throughout central Illinois. Since 1972, SEICO has lead the industry for cutting edge security system technology.

peoria security systems companyThe Peoria-based company specializes in a number of different digital video (CCTV) security and surveillance systems, along with dependable security monitoring services. SEICO also provides a wide range of commercial security system solutions for Peoria businesses.

Whether for small offices or large commercial complexes, SEICO has tons of options to best protect the workplace, including access control systems, photo ID and video badging, security alarm systems and more. Contact SEICO security to learn more about the company's expertise in security systems and related surveillance services.

Types of Security Systems

At SEICO, our Peoria security systems company offers a number of video and wireless surveillance systems for many difference applications. Some of the technology we specialize in includes:

  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Digital IP Surveillance
  • CCTV/Video Surveillance
  • Access Control Systems
  • Photo ID/Video Badging

Security System Applications

We also have expertise in designing and monitoring the Peoria security systems for various applications, including:

  • Commercial Security Systems
  • Residential Security Systems
  • School Security Systems
  • Bank Security Systems
  • Hospital Security Systems

Our focus is to help you pinpoint the best security and surveillance system technology to meet your needs. To learn more about how we can help you with your security system needs, contact us.

Your Peoria Surveillance System Company

When you work with SEICO, you're consulting one of the top companies in Peoria, IL for surveillance systems and security system monitoring. In addition to selling and installing

In addition to correcting any issues you may be having, we can also test and inspect your surveillance system technology to ensure it's in reliable working order. We focus our security systems service in regions of northern, southern, and central Illinois.

Based near Peoria, IL, we provide security and surveillance systems for all types of customers spanning from Chicago to Peoria to Springfield, IL. Contact us to learn more about our security and surveillance systems in Peoria, Illinois.