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Motion Detectors

One Source.. Motion Detectors for Home Security

At SEICO, we offer motion detectors for many different applications around the home or business. We specialize in offering products, design and installation services for various motion detection systems. As a leading local provider of motion detectors in Peoria, IL, we help a wide range of clients throughout central Illinois find the ideal solution to best meet their security needs.

Motion Detectors for Home Security

One of the easiest investments for enhanced home security is in motion detectors. A motion detection system is a cost-efficient solution that caters to many needs around the home. Whether to trigger light during times of need or for on-site surveillance and monitoring, motion detectors provide many benefits.

Here at SEICO located just outside Peoria, Illinois, we provide motion detectors for homeowners, residential communities, and organizations for all types. We can help you design your motion detection system to best suit cover property and budget restraints. Our experts can help you realize the cost-effectiveness of motion detectors as a convenient and easy security measure for your home or business.

Wireless Motion Detectors

Although motion detectors are available in both hardwired or wireless motion detection systems, wireless motion detectors have grown in popularity. Having the flexibility to place the sensors precisely where you want them without the concern of wiring has made wireless motion detectors a common choice among both businesses and homeowners.

Outdoor Motion Detectors

Outdoor motion detectors offer a number of advantages for many situations. They can be a simple solution to light-up dark driveways during times of need, as well as security measure to ward off intruders. Outdoor motion detectors are typically waterproof, and can sustain harsh conditions for many years. Let the professionals at SEICO help find the home security motion detectors to best protect your Peoria, Illinois property.