Night Depositories


At SEICO, we offer a full line of night depositories, including the most secure, UL Listed night depository system. We also offer simple envelope drops for businesses.

We offer many options for night depository equipment, including:

  • Envelope Depositories
  • Rotary Hopper Commercial Depository
  • Drop Box Depository Systems
  • Package Passthrough Systems
  • DACS (Depository Access Control Systems)
  • 80UC Night Depositories
  • 98RH Replacement Night Head

All walk-up or drive-up depository systems are mechanically made so that service is virtually eliminated. In rare instances, our technicians can help troubleshoot issues with your depository system in Peoria and throughout Illinois.

Depository Access Control Systems (DACS) provide an extra layer of security and an audit trail for your commercial deposits. These advanced night depositories with access control security take commercial deposits and helps eliminate fraudulent activity.

  • Our UL Listed 80UC night head combined with an automated touch screen provides unparalleled security and accountability
  • Video recordings are taken of the person making the deposit and the deposit bag entering the safe
  • The time of deposit is recorded and a transaction receipt is generated


The team of bank security professionals at SEICO offer product expertise and services on all new and used night depository equipment and systems we offer. We primarily service financial institutions, libraries, and commercial organization of Northern, Southern, and Central Illinois. Based in Pekin, IL, our team at SEICO specializes in night depositories for customers spanning from Chicago to Peoria to Springfield, Illinois.

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