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Alarms help keep you safe from many threats to include burglary, theft, fire, unauthorized entry, and more. The only question: what mix of alarms are right for your home, business, or institution?

Commercial alarm systems

As a business, it’s important to assure the safety and security of your people, facilities, and assets. SEICO provides security consulting, design, installation, training, and monitoring solutions to give your business the highest level of protection.

What is the advantage of integrated security alarm systems?

A truly effective commercial security system must be smart enough to provide intrusion, fire, access control, and network monitoring for today’s demanding economy. Imagine one interface that controls multiple functions as needed. Integrated security systems simplify operations by multi-tasking for you. Integration maintains high security automatically, while requiring less training to achieve optimum results.

Can system control be tailored to fit individual needs?

SEICO allows you to tailor your system control over independent areas based on your specific needs. Areas can have their own keypads, zones, account numbers, and arming and disarming schedules for maximum performance and convenience. Because one panel can cover multiple areas, the cost savings are significant.

How can false alarms be reduced?

False-alarm-reduction features are built into every SEICO-installed integrated system, while staying fully compliant with the Security Industry Association Standard for False Alarm Reduction.

We offer a full line of intrusion, holdup, and fire alarm systems. Plus, we provide service and support for all major alarm systems!

DMP is our manufacturer of choice. Some features include:

  • UL Listed – burglary, holdup, access
  • FM Approved – fire alarm systems
  • Online Data Network Integration – ethernet, token ring, hybrid
  • Multiple Areas of Protection – ATM, lobby, teller cages, computer room, etc.
  • Wireless Devices – security, holdup, light monitor, executive protection
  • Unique Bank Features – ambush, dual credential check, holdup test mode, auto alarming
  • Security Center Software – secure, interactive reports online
Triggering an under-counter alarm system.

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