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SEICO serves the Midwest with surveillance system design, installation, and support. We carry all major brands of CCTVDigital Video Surveillance Systems – including MARCH® Networks, PELCO®, Arecont Vision COSTAR™, and AXIS® Communications. Surveillance can solve many of your business problems. Ask our expert sales team about new AXIS® Body Worn Video Surveillance and/or upgrading to the latest CCTV Technology. Check out the details below to learn about the benefits of Body Worn Video Surveillance and the many CCTV – Digital Video Surveillance options.

What surveillance options are available?

Our SEICO team will design a system with your needs in mind! We offer a wide spectrum of surveillance systems, ranging from standard-featured surveillance camera systems to the most advanced, high-performance camera positioning systems and software. Now offering new Body Worn Video Surveillance! We specialize in video surveillance that provides peace of mind and safer environments.

Surveillance Systems for Safer Facilities & Communities

New AXIS® Body Worn Video Surveillance

Easy implementation and performance you can count on for safer communities.

  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Government surveillance agencies
  • Surveillance companies
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The latest CCTV – Digital Video Surveillance Systems

Advanced video surveillance with proven performance for all types of facilities.

  • Advanced video surveillance for Prisons & correctional facilities
  • Banking and financial surveillance camera and software systems
  • School and institutional surveillance camera systems
  • Surveillance camera systems for healthcare and hospital facilities

What are some applications for IP-surveillance?

Our IP-surveillance systems serve a variety of businesses and institutions:

  • Commercial/Industrial From commercial complexes to manufacturing facilities, robust IP video solutions deliver enhanced security, monitoring, and operations capabilities.
  • Financial Optimize physical security, fraud prevention, and operational effectiveness with networked video systems, advanced analytics, and transaction integration.
  • Education/Government Leverage powerful IP video solutions to protect K-12 schools, college and university campuses, tourist sites, water treatment facilities, and other critical infrastructure.
  • Retail Reduce, shrink, address risk, and improve operations with IP video and transaction integration for a wide range of retail environments.
  • Transportation Improve security, reduce risk, and enhance service with integrated mobile and fixed video surveillance for public transportation, airports, and roadways.

Can an old surveillance system be updated?

Do you have a legacy video system in place (e.g., VCR, multiplexer, analog cameras, DVR) that you would like to replace? Ask SEICO about upgrading your surveillance system. You can count on our experience and expertise for all your security and surveillance system needs.

What are some surveillance camera options?

SEICO can help you determine what options are best for your situation. They include:

  • Surveillance Camera Systems: standard, dome, pan, tilt, zoom, day/night, and wide dynamic range, I.P.
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs): PC-based, embedded, hybrid, I.P., video servers
  • Wireless & Outdoor Surveillance Systems: Custom design and installation for residential, commercial and more
  • Security & Surveillance System Monitors: LCD, High Def, Video Walls
Variety of high-quality digital video cameras for use in a surveillance system.

What recent improvements are available in CCTV surveillance systems?

Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, surveillance systems were expensive and difficult to install in the past. Now, advancements in technology have made CCTV surveillance systems affordable for most small businesses and homeowners. These types of surveillance systems offer a number of advantages and allow for flexible design and installation.

At SEICO, we offer many options for CCTV surveillance systems and tailor the ideal package to best protect your property. We can set up wireless surveillance systems  with the ability to monitor from remote locations via computer or smartphone. We also provide set to record surveillance systems  for various types of equipment such as DVRs, computers, and mobile devices.

The advantages of owning a surveillance camera system is not only a measure of protection, but a deterrent for criminals. If you are considering protecting your property with CCTV – digital video surveillance systems, SEICO is your Midwest source.

Does SEICO handle service and installation of surveillance systems?

The technicians at SEICO have the experience and training to provide professional installation and service on every security surveillance system we sell. That includes both custom-designed surveillance systems and the standard major brand systems. Our technicians pursue on-going education and continue to advance the industry of security surveillance systems from custom and standard CCTV – Digital Video Surveillance Systems to new AXIS® Body Worn Video Surveillance systems.

Based in Pekin, IL, we provide surveillance systems and support for many Midwest businesses, organizations and institutions. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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