Retail Security Systems

Retail requires security and surveillance

Retail establishments need security systems with top-notch security and surveillance equipment to enhance loss prevention efforts. SEICO offers tremendous flexibility and support in designing unique business security systems for all types of facilities. Our experts have handled extensive projects for large corporations as well as simple security systems for small businesses throughout the Midwest. When designing security systems for retail we include a variety of options, such as access control systems, photo ID and video badging, alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and wireless security systems.


Retail Security Systems feature popular security cameras:

Surveillance Cameras | Doorbell Cameras | Outdoor Cameras

Clients Include:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond® —Peoria, IL
  • Walmart® stores
  • Dollar Tree®, multiple locations

For a complete listing of retail references, contact us.

Testimonial: Walmart®

“I have had the privilege of working with SEICO for over four years. They have completed more than 10 major projects for Walmart® including burglar alarm, fire alarm, and CCTV systems. The projects were always completed on schedule and with top-notch quality. I would highly recommend SEICO for any security projects.”
–Regional Manager Walmart® Security Services

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