AI Security

Prevent the Unthinkable…

Shootings Continue to Occur Monthly in the United States.

  • If you operate a SCHOOL – Protect your students, faculty and staff.
  • If you operate a HOSPITAL – Protect your patients and staff.

You Have Cameras – but they are only as useful / smart as the technology connected to them!

  • After disaster strikes, it’s too late to review camera footage.
  • Get immediate alerts the second a threat or shooter is present on your property.

Security That’s Smarter

  • You really need to detect an intruder or potential shooter before they strike, right?
  • With Intellisee from SEICO Security you can.

Today’s latest AI Security technology lets you operate smarter for proactive risk mitigation!

Firearm detection


Our SEICO team offers multiple AI Security Systems with state-of-the-art technology for proactive risk mitigation, such as:

SEICO offers 24/7/365 AI Security Systems to Proactively Shut Down Crime.

With shootings, break-ins, and accidents in schools and medical facilities/hospitals it’s imperative to deploy technology to reduce threats, save lives, and prevent injuries (and workers comp or liability claims*).

*Some insurances offer premium discounts on PC insurance if organization deploys AI Security technology.

Intellisee® AI Risk Mitigation Platform

You Can’t Address Risks You Don’t See. Most surveillance today is unmonitored and used only for post-incident documentation. Even when cameras are monitored, overtaxed security staff are performing an error-prone and tedious task on an unmanageable number of screens. There is a smarter way!

Gain Situational Awareness with IntelliSee® AI Risk Mitigation Platform — featuring Active Monitoring. IntelliSee offers a reliable, proactive solution by overlaying and continuously scanning your live surveillance camera feeds for potential threats. When a threat is detected, IntelliSee instantly alerts designated contacts and systems to the nature and location of the threat so you can act whenever, wherever.

  • Detect a wide range of threats — from common to catastrophic.
  • Overlays your existing system as a simple, cost-effective add-on.
  • No expensive hardware or camera upgrades needed.
  • Works autonomously — no additional personnel required.
  • Immediate, real-time alerts so you can act quickly.
Intellisee spill alert

Protection From Common to Catastrophic Threats.

The unique IntelliSee platform covers multiple risks for one flat rate and detects threats ranging from drawn guns to slip-and-fall hazards, trespassers, employee no-shows, vehicles, and more. IntelliSee deep-learning AI constantly evolves with new capabilities continually added.

  • Clean slip hazards before a fall.
  • Mitigate potential fall risks before claims escalate.
  • Detect fraudulent falls before legal fees are incurred.
  • Monitor solo workers’ safety.
  • Detect drawn weapons before shots are fired.
  • Stop trespassers and loitering before vandalism, theft, or assaults.
  • Detect employee no-shows and unguarded areas.
  • Identify unauthorized vehicles and more.
firearm detection


IntelliSee offers a smarter, less conspicuous solution by continuously scanning your live surveillance feeds for potential threats. When a threat is detected, IntelliSee auto-validates and instantly alerts designated contacts and systems to the nature and location of the threat so you can act.

The four components of Optic-Based IntelliSee AI Risk Mitigation Platform:

1. Monitor

Monitor existing cameras simultaneously for autonomous, round-the-clock protection.

2. Detect

Visually identify a growing number of threats through advanced AI.

3. Alert

Instant situational context so the right people know how, when, and where to respond.

4. Act

With IntelliSee insights, take immediate action while keeping the scene as calm as possible.

IntelliSee AI Risk Mitigation Platform is helping higher education, K-12 schools, hospitals, and others strengthen their organizational safety. Enabled by proprietary advances in artificial intelligence developed for the U.S. Department of Defense, IntelliSee capabilities improve both risk detection and response.


In a world of increasing risks, smarter solutions are needed. Proactively protect students, staff, and property with IntelliSee. Smarter surveillance for a safer world.®

NetWatch Proactive Video Monitoring

Providing year-round, Optic-Based AI Security, NetWatch Proactive Video Monitoring is a purpose-built platform designed to stop crimes before they happen. NetWatch personalized audio responses stop the crime 98% of the time.

NetWatch Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) is the best way to prevent crimes from occurring. Teams of highly trained Intervention Specialists receive alerts when unusual activity is detected by the filtering software. They can then act, providing a real-time audio warning to the intruder and often causing them to flee the scene, stopping the crime before it happens. Intervention Specialists can also provide continuing, real-time support to authorities. Best-in-class NetWatch Monitoring Centers offer geo-diversity to ensure continuous vigilance of your assets with total redundancy. If a storm knocks out power to one monitoring center, your service can continue without disruption.


1. Monitor Intelligent software detects a threat. The NetWatch platform connects to your video surveillance system, accompanied by the use of computer vision software analytics to detect unauthorized activity. Once unauthorized activity is detected, an alert is sent within seconds to an Intervention Specialist at a NetWatch Monitoring Center.

Experts assess and verify the threat. Once an alert is received, the Intervention Specialist evaluates the situation over a live video feed, determining the threat level and taking action.

2. Intervene Warning is given. The Intervention Specialist speaks directly to the intruder with a live audio warning, advising they leave the premises immediately. Hearing this personalized warning makes it clear to the criminal that they are being watched and recorded. In 98% of cases, a live warning like this stops the criminal from proceeding. In the small number of cases where they are not deterred, the Intervention Specialist escalates the response.

Policy-based response is executed. Following a set of pre-determined protocols, the Intervention Specialist launches the proper response. Depending on the situation, this may be to notify law enforcement, alert the keyholders, or take another action. With the corrective actions set into motion, the specialist will remain in video and audio contact with the incident until the site has been fully secured.

3. Report Incident reporting done in 24 hours. Incident reporting after a crime is another area where NetWatch PVM offers significant advantages over traditional monitoring. Reporting can be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process with legacy monitoring services. Gaps in evidence or in a timeline caused by the need to piece together the event based on data from diverse sources may also occur. NetWatch creates incident reports within a day and makes them easily available on mobile and web apps.

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