Established in 1933, Brewers Distributing Company is a full operation wholesaler for Anheuser-Busch and manages distribution of many drink brands for the central Illinois area.

As a state-of-art operation, Brewers was in need of several upgrades in their facility to have better control over building access and business processes. Brewers specifically wanted the latest technology to update their burglary alarm, access control and the video surveillance systems .


SEICO Security upgraded and installed the new alarm and access control. Extensive expansion of surveillance cameras were placed throughout the facility inside and out. Key areas for observation were the gas pumps, warehouse storage areas and loading docks. Gas pumps located at the back of the facility property made it difficult to monitor who, what and when gas was accessed. Video feeds for all key areas are fed into a central command, providing a overview of all operations.


   In an integrated card access system all users are timestamped with time and location of entry as they access the building. A combination of keypad and card readers can were implemented.

Gas pumps for fleet have surveillance (above)

Surveillance camera highlighted in yellow circle help in efficient operations and security. (above)