Bank Safes & Bank Vaults for Sale


bank vaults for saleSEICO provides modular bank vaults and bank safes, and in virtually any configuration. We individually design bank vaults per application, customizing each vault to maximize space and overall efficiency. We also provide UL fire-rated vault doors from Schwab and Hamilton to better protect your valuable records.

The most dependable bank safes and bank vaults typically meet two general requirements of financial institutions: they must be highly durable, and they must be architecturally compatible with most bank settings. At SEICO, the selection of bank vaults we offer for sale are designed to meet both of these requirements and more. We specialize in custom size bank vault solutions, so odd-shaped rooms or special heights can easily be accommodated.

Modular Bank Vaults for Sale

Pre-formed modular bank vaults for sale from Hamilton save money on installation costs and are UL rated. Modular bank vault panels provide the ultimate in security and flexibility. Panels are lighter and easier to install than poured on-site concrete walls. And if your bank vault needs upgrading, Hamilton panels allow you the flexibility to increase your vault space by adding more panels. And for consolidating branches, modular vault panels can be relocated to a different site.

Bank vault panels are UL Listed and available in:

  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
  • Class M ratings

Bank Vault Doors by Legacy and Freedom Series

Legacy Bank Vault Doors            Freedom Series Bank Vault Door

Bank Vault Door  Bank Vault Door



Many Bank Safes & Vaults for Sale

If a bank vault for sale exceeds your needs, we have creative options for simpler applications. Small branches and credit unions can take advantage of our many bank safe solutions. Select  bank safes we offer are designed with solid steel construction and several provide fire resistant features. To learn more, contact SEICO today.

More about the Hamilton Safe Brand

The Hamilton Safe brand has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of physical security products, pneumatic tube systems, modular bank vault doors, and audio/video systems in the United States. The hard steel bank security products we offer, such as bank vaults, safes, safe deposit boxes and depositories, are of the Hamilton Safe brand. These products are designed to meet the bank equipment needs of many types of financial institutions both large and small.

Bank Vaults & Safes for Sale in Peoria, Illinois

The team of bank security experts at SEICO provides design and installation services on all new and used bank vaults and bank safes we carry. We primarily service financial institutions of northern, southern, and central Illinois. Based in Pekin, IL, our experts provide bank safes and vaults for customers spanning from Chicago to Peoria to Springfield, IL. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Vault Doors

vault inspections are very important part of maintenance

Vault Inspections

Avoid this unthinkable scene, where an undetected faulty mechanism caused some major problems. Choose scheduled maintenance and inspection for your financial & bank equipment.

Ask about SEICO Maintenance agreements

The Legacy and Freedom Series

Hamilton's Legacy Vault Door delivers maximum security with architectural appeal. Available in UL-Listed Class 1, 2, 3 and M Ratings, Hamilton's door is tough, reliable and loaded with many features to meet your needs.

Standard Features for the Legacy Door include:

  • Low maintenance stainless steel construction
  • Two UL-Listed Group 1 Vault Door Locks
  • One UL-Listed Three Movement - 144 hour resettable Timelock
  • Heat dissipating locking bar that runs full height of door
  • Standard door is 36"W x 79"H...Need a Custom Size - Just Ask Us!
  • Emergency Ventilator
  • Phone jack built into the door frame
  • Integrated light switch with electrical box
  • Smoked acrylic frameless day gate included with vault door

Hamilton also manufactures the new Freedom Series Vault Door.  A painted steel door that's available in UL-Listed Class 1 & 2.

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