ATM Security Systems


SEICO can help your financial institution secure all ATMs with intrusion and hold-up systems to protect the carriers and your ATM assets along with another critic components  ATM security systems like CCTV video surveillance systems can provide a prosecutable record of all transactions. It can also capture transaction date with video for investigators.


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Protect your ATM Customers from Skimming

Be one step ahead of the criminals, by providing security against skimming. Ever since the automated machine was invented, organized teams of criminals have tried to gain access to cards and passwords for the purpose of stealing money from bank accounts.

Card-skimming, as it is commonly referred to is the collection of ATM card numbers and PINs. This scheme is accomplished through methods as low-tech as simply watching the customers as they interact at the ATM (shoulder surfing) or via high-tech methods such as installing false card readers on top of existing ATMs.  Scammers will then manufacture counterfeit ATM cards and use them to withdraw money from accounts.

Call SEICO for security solutions to protect your ATM or any card access machine from unauthorized use.

Data Capture with video

Now you can rapidly link video with transaction details in order to diminish fraud, address claims, comply with banking regulations, and deliver outstanding customer service.

Security and Operational Challenges for the Financial and Retail Industries grow as technology rapidly changes. SEICO understands the significant challenges you face in the growth of identity theft, expanding compliance requirements, and the ubiquity of geographically-distributed systems, such as ATMs in banking and register platforms in retail.

Ask our SEICO security specialist about video and data Integration. A data Interface enables you to mine business and security system data and link it with related event video images. These events are important for use in security investigations and other operational applications.