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   bank av systemsWe have it all... from a complete drive-up system installation to providing replacement carriers, representing virtually service-free Hamilton overhead and underground systems.  From pneumatic tube systems to deal drawers and windows, at SEICO we provide industry standard AV systems for banks with outstanding performance and reliability

audio video drive up camera and microphone system



Drive-up and walk-up audio systems are in stock, as well as all the parts needed to make repairs to your system.  

From modern, lightweight wireless headsets to multi-lane audio and video control systems, at SEICO we ensure the clearest possible voice and visual communications with customers.  We can custom interface wireless headsets with your drive-

Bank audio visual equipment

up audio system for the busy, weekend drive-up tellers to hear the customer and not the ambient background noise.  We also install intercom systems to provide voice recognition security at strategic building locations.

New, license plate camera capture on drive-up transactions for added security is illustrated in the photo below.

bank drive-up camera


Next Generation of Drive-Up System

Does your Drive-Up Banking System Need an Upgrade?

Hamilton Safe, a national leader in drive-up tube systems, has combined the best features of two successful drive-up systems in a new model, the HA1000-XLR.


 - Overhead and Downsend Units
 - Small Footprint with Front Service Access
 - Low Maintenance & Easy to Service
 - Audio and Video Options

Optimized for use in banking, pharmaceutical and retail applications. The stainless steel system integrates improved functionality including an integrated air power motor package and dual user input locations in a sleek and weather-resistant exterior.

Chose the HA1000-XLR and offer your customers integrated audio with microphone, speaker, and call of service with an optional video mounting, one-way and two-way video. The system also offers dual user input for consumers in various sized vehicles. 

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