Germ Shields

COVID-19 Pandemic = Heightened Health & Hygiene Concerns.

Fenco Germ Shields Protect Employees & Customers!

FENCO Germ Shields are a clear acrylic shield placed at transaction areas in banks to serve as a barrier from droplets due to coughing and sneezing. First seen in grocery and other retail stores, we are offering banks and credit unions two freestanding Germ Shield sizes, designed for pods, teller lines and CSR desks. Protect employees and customers from airborne germs during face-to-face transactions.


While a small quantity is available for quick ship (first come – first serve), due to high demand – current lead-time is 2 weeks from receipt of order.


FENCO Germ Shield – 24” Wide x 30” High

Item#: FSG-24×30       Price: $110

All ¼” clear acrylic construction

Pass-thru (12” Wide x 3” High) opening at the bottom and two legs.

FENCO Germ Shield – 17” Wide x 30” High

Item#: FSG-17×30       Price: $99

All ¼” clear acrylic construction

Pass-thru (12” Wide x 3” High) opening at the bottom and two legs.


Speaking holes not included (can be drilled in the field if desired). Legs shown on the prototype in photos are only 8” – actual Germ Shields will come with 11-3/4” legs.



Peel off film/paper. Align slots on legs with slots on the shield and slide into place. Set on countertop/other surface for use.


For a cost-effective solution, FENCO Germ Shields were designed without any need to screw/fasten to a countertop/desk, while maintaining adequate stability for the intended uses. However, if bumped into or pushed with significant force, the Germ Shield could tip over. For added stability, tape legs down to the countertop/desk using double-sided tape on the bottom of the legs. Alternatively, single-sided tape can be run onto countertop/desk over the legs and back onto the countertop/desk.


First, clear away any debris, then use a premium micro-fiber cloth with soapy water to clean the entire surface area. After wetting the cloth, lightly blot surface – do NOT apply pressure as you wipe. Too much pressure can actually result in more scratches. After wiping the entire piece of acrylic, use the dry side of cloth to dry or buff the area. Buffing or polishing the acrylic surface reduces future stains. If any remaining streaks, rewet cloth and dry again.

CAUTION: Avoid certain cleaning products since using the wrong cleaning product can completely damage your acrylic shields to the point, they become unusable! Avoid ammonia-based products, like Windex® or other home glass cleaners, because they contain harmful chemicals that will actually damage the surface leaving it cloudy. Soapy water is the safest and most effective cleaning solution for acrylic. Do NOT use paper towels because they will not remove scratches and may even cause them. Only use a microfiber type of cloth.

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