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business security alarm systemsAs a business person, it’s your job to ensure the safety and security of your people, facilities, and assets. There are so many threats you have to worry about ... burglary, theft, fire, unauthorized entry, and more.

SEICO provides security consulting, design, installation, training and monitoring solutions to give you the highest level of protection and  to ensure that your business is safe and secure.

Integrated Security Alarm Systems

A truly effective commercial security system must be smart enough to provide intrusion, fire, access control, and network monitoring for today's needs—and flexible enough to expand as needs change.

With one interface that controls as many integrated functions as you need, you're assured flexible control and ease of system operation. Integrated security systems simplify operation by multi-tasking for you— unlocking a door and turning off security sensors simultaneously. Integration maintains high security automatically, and requires less training to achieve optimum results.


Tailor your system control over independent areas based on your specific needs. Areas can have their own keypads, zones, account numbers, and arming and disarming schedules for maximum performance with maximum convenience and flexibility. Because one panel can cover multiple areas, the cost savings are significant.



False-alarm-reduction features are built into every integrated system we install, and they are fully compliant with the Security Industry Association Standard for False Alarm Reduction.


We offer a full line of intrusion, holdup, and fire alarm systems. Plus, we provide service and support for all major alarm systems. DMP is our manufacturer of choice.

  • UL Listed – burglary, holdup, access
  • FM Approved – fire alarm systems
  • Online Data Network Integration – ethernet, token ring, hybrid
  • Multiple Areas of Protection – ATM, lobby, teller cages, computer room, etc.
  • Wireless Devices – security, holdup, light monitor, executive protection
  • Unique Bank Features – ambush, dual credential check, holdup test mode, auto alarming
  • Security Center Software – secure, interactive Reports online


WE KNOW...Commercial Alarm and Burglary

Security systems have evolved far beyond their original, basic function of simply frightening away intruders.

Today's systems can be programmed to summon the appropriate responders while transmitting an alert to the system owner via a text or email message.  With some additional hardware and programming, the system can also provide access control functions. 

Important: See article at right for "2G sunset" updates.

Don’t Let The Sun Set… without a security update!

FACT: 2G cellular networks are to be phased out in the next few years.

This means your alarm system must get critical updates to systems that use 2G networks to ensure uninterrupted communication. Not to worry… Seico is already preparing for the so-called “2G sunset.”

Call for your appointment today.

  • To ensure you won’t have any communication problems, your best bet is to switch to 3G/4G alarm communicators while the 2G technology is being phased out.
  • Talk to us about how you can keep your alarm system consistently up to date. 
  • Ask about code-compliant solutions so you won’t have to upgrade your alarm system again in a few years.

My system seems fine.
You’re probably thinking “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That might work in some cases, e.g., not buying a new car because your current car is running just fine, but not so much when it comes to your alarm system.

Don’t wait until it is too late.
Most likely both residential and business alarm customers won’t know that 2G technology is being phased out until it’s too late. As the towers the unit can see get switched, their signals might begin to have problems, but once the last tower goes they will be completely without signal.

You asked why haven’t I heard about this?
Much of the attention around the 2G sunset is – and has been – focused on cell phones. Your business or home alarm systems that run on the 2G network also have to upgrade so they’ll continue to operate without any technical issues.

Seico has seasoned in-house experts who can evaluate the technology landscape and deploy the right mix of devices and applications that meet your home and business needs. By using state-of-the-art hardwired and wireless components, with back-up communications, they can personalize systems for your home and your business.

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