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SEICO specializes in security systems for industrial and commercial clients as well as residential homes and communities. Since 1972, SEICO has been a leader in security system technology, and now, the company specializes in video and wireless security systems using advanced, cutting-edge equipment and design.

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At SEICO, every security system we provide can be custom-designed and engineered to meet your individual security needs. Regardless of the size of your home or business, we can put together the perfect security system to best protect your assets. To learn more about how our Peoria security systems company can help you, contact us today.

Comprehensive Security System Solutions

We offer a number of video and wireless security systems in Peoria and throughout Illinois. Some of our areas of focus include:

We also specialize in security systems for many different applications, including:

  • Home & Residential Security Systems
  • Commercial & Business Security Systems
  • Security Systems for Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Bank & Financial Security Systems
  • Security Systems for Schools & Educational Institutions 

Contact us, so we can learn more about how to help you with your security system investment.


WE KNOW... Security Systems

Commercial Security System Brochure

SEICO offers integrated access control, alarm systems, and digital video systems which are all managed over your existing network infrastructure. Learn more about our Illinois security system company service areas.

Security Systems for Homes

Residential security systems for homes is one of our primary areas of expertise at SEICO. We are able to put together custom packages for homes of all sizes. Whether a complex CCTV-Video security system to cover the entire property or a simple door access control system for the home's entrance, our experts can help you a find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Security Systems for Business

Commercial security systems for business come in many forms. Here at SEICO, we offer tremendous flexibility and support, and design unique business security systems for various types of organizations. Our experts have handled extensive projects for large corporations as well as simple security systems for small businesses in Peoria and throughout Illinois. We often combine various security elements when designing security systems for businesses, such as access control systems, photo ID and video badging, alarm systems, and wireless security systems.

Wireless Security Systems

We offer expert installation and support on all wireless security systems that we offer. Our professionals are able to provide services on our video and wireless security systems as well as the security systems of other manufacturers. The members of our technical team pursue ongoing education and training to better service many different types of wireless security systems.

Security Systems in Peoria, Illinois

Here at SEICO, we focus our security system services in areas of northern, southern, and central Illinois. Based in Pekin, IL, we provide video security systems for many businesses and homes spanning from Chicago to Peoria to Springfield, IL. Contact us to learn more about our wireless video surveillance systems, or find out more about our security surveillance systems.

Measuring Temperature for Security

FLIR thermal cameras are invaluable for guarding physical and virtual perimeters around power plants, petrochemical facilities or substations. 


More affordable than visible cameras, they detect and assess faint heat signatures 24/7, even in conditions that would blind typical cameras. Learn about how your facility can benefit from temperature measurement... Ask our Sales Team.

Celluar Backup - Critical Update

Your system will fail without critical updates! Be proactive, Call today to schedule updates.

monitoring service

Over the past few years, advancements in technology have prompted telephone companies and cellular carriers to make upgrades to their equipment. These upgrades to newer infrastructure will render systems using older technology obsolete in the near future. This may impact your systems ability to communicate to our monitoring center once these changes go into effect.

Some systems will only require simple re-programming in order to make the required changes, while others may require equipment replacement. We are committed to ensuring a seamless conversion to ensure your facility is protected with minimal expense to the customer.

Our technicians will need to visit your site to evaluate your equipment for compatibility with the changes to the infrastructure. To schedule an immediate evaluation, please contact us at (309) 347-3200.


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